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Focus Sectors

Agribusiness, Agricultural Implements, Machinery and Food Processing

Industrial, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Machinery, Tools & Equipment

Transportation & Automotive

Clean Tech including waste, water, renewable energy

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Wellness & Healthcare

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Apparel, Garments, Textiles, Furnishing & Leather

Consumer & Industrial Electronics, Design and Manufacturing

Handicrafts and Creative Manufacturing

Infrastructure & Construction

Tourism & Hospitality

Logistics, Aviation & Shipping

Information & Communication Technology & Business Process Management

Creative Services Industry including Media, Publishing, Entertainment and other Services

International Best Practices in SME Development

The convention features a day long conference for discussing and sharing experiences of successful & innovative initiatives for enterprise development with policy makers, experts, officials and professionals, engaging in intensive interactions. The United Nations agencies in India, had programmed the special sessions featuring International experts, sharing best practices and experiences in Cluster Development, Sustainable SME Growth, CleanTech and Innovation in developed and developing economies.

SME Partnership Forum

The SME Partnership Forum was held on day 2 is a two track platform hosted in conjunction with the convention, to encourage and enable partnerships between Governments, Institutions and encourage bilateral business co-operation.

G2G SME Round Table

Platform for specic discussions and agreements on multi-lateral & bilateral SME co-operation between governments of developed, developing and under developed economies, with their Ministers, Leaders & Ofcials invited to the exclusive track 1 of the Forum.

The Pitch

This track 2, featuring private enterprises, presents a unique opportunity to innovative enterprises from around the world to present their products, services, technologies, processes and opportunities to select Indian entrepreneurs in the audience, for the purpose of enabling collaborations, joint ventures, trade relationships and business partnerships.

Special Events

Cultural Evenings & Receptions

Several cultural evenings & receptions are organised where delegates can unwind and continue networking in a relaxed atmosphere, over delicious and sumptuous Indian & Continental Cuisine