2019 Edition

The Second International SME Convention was organised by the Ministry of MSME in association with the Economic Diplomacy & States Division of the Ministry of External Affairs and the India SME Forum. 38,011 registrations were received of which 1385 entrepreneurs were selected from India to participate in the Second International SME convention which was held in New Delhi from 27th to 29th June 2019 at Eros Hotel in New Delhi, with the support of UNIDO & UNDP as Institutional Partners.
One hundred and seventy five entrepreneurs from 44 countries were selected from among 4185 International entrepreneurs who registered to attend the convention.
Ambassadors from 16 countries including, European, African and Latin American Countries along with their respective commercial sections presented trade opportunities at the Convention.
100 SMEs selected from among 34011 nominations by a Jury were also being felicitated from across India under the aegis of the 6th Annual India SME 100 Awards.
198 pre-arranged b2b meetings were conducted between entrepreneurs from India and overseas, of which 42 letters of intent were filed for possible future collaborations.
729 B2B trade connect forms were filed by Indian Entrepreneurs and evinced interest in finding International collaborators and technology partners and a total of 3015 requests for International B2B matching were received, for which an International SME Gateway is in the making.
Entrepreneurs from Bahrain | Maldives | Italy | Hungary | Austria | San Marino | Srilanka | USA | Portugal | Tunisia | El Salvador | Sudan | UAE | Zimbabwe | Gabon | Peru | Panama | Guatemala | Iran | Argentina | Canada | Bhutan | Malawi | New Zealand | Fiji | Spain | Colombia | Uzbekistan | Ukraine | Senegal | Saudi Arabia | Rwanda | Djibouti participated at the Convention, of which the the 3rd Edition will be in April 2020 with 67 countries already showing interest