The convention hosts an exposition alongside the Conferences, Round Tables and breakout Sessions.


Country pavilion will host stalls of all participating countries to showcase areas of bilateral co operation with the SMEs of India. Exhibits will include incentives, opportunity areas, facilitation and trade links offered by the countries participating.


Special purpose, catered designated area for conducting B2B networking meetings, exchanging contacts and discussing business prospects, over snacks & beverages, round the clock. For All ACCESS PASS HOLDERS only.


Exposition of strategic & innovative solutions for SMEs including State Industrial Promotion Boards, Banking, Financing, Equity, Cloud Solutions, Outsourced Solutions, ERP and many more.


Registered International Entrepreneurs are offered display space on panels for catalog / poster displays, which should depict products and services that are being offered for partnerships or collaborations with Indian enterprises. Indian Entrepreneurs interested in the opportunity can submit an EOI slip at the hall itself for setting up a B2B meeting with the International Entrepreneur or his/her representative.